Towards Autonomous Operation of 5G and Beyond (5GB) Networks

5G & Beyond (5GB) networks are being instrumented for data collection at all layers providing opportunities for new applications and innovations for AI/ML. Leveraging new AI/ML techniques that understand multi-modal models and inferring customer intents and building new knowledge planes driven by closed loop data-driven reinforcement learning to complement the management plane, control plane, and data plane 5G&B networks can realize the promise of dynamic and efficient autonomous operation.

At the IEEE Future Networks Work Forum event held in Montreal and virtually, Amar Kapadia, Aarna Networks CEO and CoFounder joined at roster of industry experts from industry, academia, standards bodies, open-source projects, and user community to address the challenge of autonomous operation of 5G&B networks. This provided a unique forum for practitioners and researchers to share perspectives on recent developments, evolving landscape of AI/ML based autonomous operation of networks, deployment use cases and business benefits.

Learn more about the session (available on-demand through Nov 15, 2022)

See Amar's presentation covering IEEE Open Source Orchestration of 5G & Edge Services and learn how O-RAN orchestration can drive 49% lower CAPEX.

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