Aarna Networks ONAP Distribution (ANOD) 3.0 Offers Commercial Support

Many 0f you like ONAP. ONAP's architecture is game changing. Plus the fact that it is open source and vendor-agnostic is icing on the cake. But if you're worried about commercial support, wait no more. We announced the Aarna Networks ONAP Distribution (ANOD) 3.0 earlier today that comes with commercial support (this is our first version with support). ANOD 3.0 also includes an easy to use installer called Aarna OOM or A-OOM.

ANOD 3.0 is a 100% pure play open source distribution of ONAP Dublin. There are two levels of support—basic that is more suitable for dev/test and premium that is recommended for production environments or situations where more stringent SLAs are required.

On top of the ONAP platform, there are artifacts, apps, and dashboards. These include workflows, directed graphs, policies, analytics apps, collectors etc. This collection of components is offered under the name AarnaStream™ and requires a separate support subscription from the underlying ONAP platform.

In addition to support, ANOD 3.0 also includes an easy to use GUI based ONAP installer. This cuts down 3-4 weeks of effort in installing ONAP to just a few hours. The installer, based on the ONAP Operations Manager (OOM) project, is called A-OOM.

What's next:

  • Get more information on ANOD 3.0 or see a demo video (<2 min)
  • Join us for a ANOD 3.0 demo webinar on October 23 at 8:30AM Pacific Time
  • Sign up for our our upcoming ONAP training in Bangalore (Nov 12-14)

If there is any way we can help you on ONAP—support, training, or custom engineering, please feel free to contact us.

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