Aarna Networks ONS EU 2019 Activities

I will be at ONS EU 2019 in Antwerp next week. Here is a quick summary of Aarna activities:

1. We are participating in the Linux Foundation booth to demo the OPNFV Verification Program (OVP)—an open source, community-led compliance and verification program to demonstrate the readiness and availability of commercial NFV products and services, including NFVI and VNFs. It is a joint demo by China Mobile, Huawei, Intel, Vodafone, VoerEir and us. There will be 4 OVP demos in total: NFVI validation, VNF compliance , VNF validation using a Heat VNF, and VNF validation using a TOSCA VNF.

2. We are hosting a conference session titled, "ONAP as a unified MEC-in-NFV Orchestrator" on September 25 at 13:50 in the Gorilla 4 room. Given that in the latest ETSI MEC architecture specification, there is a generic reference architecture and a MEC-in-NFV variant, we would like to discuss the MEC-in-NFV variant and the possibility of ONAP serving as the combined orchestrator (NFVO+MEAO). Also, given the rich functionality of various ONAP controllers, we would like to discuss how ONAP could possibly interface with both external MEPM-V components or alternatively subsume this functionality within ONAP. This is quite similar to how ONAP deals with VNFMs — they can be external or internal. There is no pre-planned agenda, and we would like to have an open discussion on this topic.

Please come by. Alternatively if you want to meet with me to understand our commercial ONAP distro or other services offerings, get in touch with us and we can set up some time.

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