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Unlock the potential of Private 5G networks through next-level automation specifically tailored to meet your unique business requirements and use cases with AMCOP — the number one private 5G orchestrator.

What is Private 5G?

Private 5G networks are deployed on-premises or in localized areas and are used exclusively by the organization that owns them. They provide secure connectivity to meet the specific organizational requirements, e.g. dedicated coverage, extended range, massive bandwidth, increased capacity, improved security, enhanced manageability, and ultra-low latency. These benefits have opened up new possibilities for businesses and industries, including manufacturing, warehousing, smart cities, retail, among others. The market for Private 5G is expected to reach $36B by 2030. (Source: ResearchandMarkets). When network complexity drops – and managing a Private 5G network becomes as easy as WiFi – this market will grow exponentially.

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Expand Horizons with Private 5G Management and Automation

Enterprises seeking to build high-performance Private 5G networks need to overcome the complexity of managing the 5G Core and RAN, additional domains, and the underlying cloud and infrastructure combined with thousands of devices. Aarna networks provides Private 5G management and automation with AMCOP, the number one Private 5G orchestrator, and by partnering with other industry leaders to integrate across the networking stack for comprehensive Private 5G solutions.

5G Private network deployments will grow exponentially once “ease of use” reaches parity with Wi-Fi

5G Core Management

5G core network architecture (5GC) is the control center of a 5G mobile network that enables high performance connectivity to edge computing applications or the data network. For private networks, 5GC generally requires moving to a cloud native architecture. Cloud native 5G Core network management is very different from a virtual machine-based (VNFs) network service. Cloud native network function (CNF) customers require lightweight, easy-to-use solutions that can support modern tooling including, Helm Charts, Operators, Custom Resources, Config Maps, Kubernetes plugins (CNI, CRI), service mesh (e.g. Istio), hardware platform awareness (HPA), Prometheus, FluentD, and more. The management solution has to achieve this while simultaneously allowing Kubernetes to automatically manage self-healing, scale-out, local upgrades, and more. 

5G RAN Management

The Radio Access Network (RAN) is how networks connect with users and is the final portion of the networking stack to become virtualized and software defined. 5G RAN relies on a coordinated multi-layer network (low-band, mid-band, and high-band) to provide wireless connectivity to devices and deliver increased performance. For private networks, the RAN generally comes in the form of an all-in-one small cell that may utilize proprietary management interfaces or Open RAN (O-RAN) compliant ones. The O-RAN specification defines a component called Service Management and Orchestration (SMO) that addresses the orchestration, management, and automation aspects of O-RAN.

Private 5G Deployment Strategies

Private 5G deployment strategies will vary to meet the unique needs of enterprises. Some organizations opt for on-premises deployments, where they build and manage their own private 5G networks within their facilities, offering complete control and customization. Others prefer a hybrid approach, combining public and private networks to leverage existing infrastructure while maintaining dedicated private connectivity. Cloud-based deployments enable enterprises to access 5G services via virtualized networks, providing flexibility, scalability, and simplified management. Each strategy offers distinct advantages, allowing businesses to tailor their private 5G deployments to suit their specific requirements.

Private 5G Orchestration

Aarna Network’s AMCOP is the number one Private 5G Orchestrator on the market today. It is an easy-to-use, end-to-end 5G service orchestration and management framework that abstracts complex underlying 5G network functions to provide zero touch network orchestration. AMCOP meets the requirements of cloud native 5GC management and orchestration for private and public deployments. It contains comprehensive functionality that allows network operators and vendors to manage multi-vendor RAN environments (O-RAN or non-O-RAN). AMCOP APIs allow for comprehensive integration with a wide variety of multi-vendor environments. Northbound interfaces include APIs a d ETSI SOL005, and Nephio CRDs are on the future roadmap. Aarna also partners with other industry leading companies for full stack private 5G solutions.

Aarna Networks Solutions
Aarna Networks Solutions

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