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Edge Orchestration

Building on open source including the Public Cloud Edge Interface

Enterprises and network operators alike are leveraging edge computing and private 5G to transform existing processes, create new user experiences and broadly apply AI/ML. The cloud edge provides the elasticity and the on-demand nature of the public cloud while also providing some of the performance metrics (latency, throughput) of the enterprise/telco edge. These characteristics make the cloud edge attractive for applications such as IoT, AI/ML and more.

Open Source Edge Orchestration via PCEI is transforming the enterprise edge

The PCEI Blueprint in the open source LF Edge Akraino project was created to develop a set of open APIs, orchestration functionalities and edge capabilities. The Akraino PCEI orchestrator is built using open source components including LFN EMCO project that deploys application and functions on Kubernetes clusters, and CDS (Controller Design Studio) – a component of the LFN ONAP project used for implementing microservices. Learn more in this Case Study with Equinix.

Aarna Edge Services (AES) is a SaaS platform that orchestrates edge infrastructure and connects it to public clouds. It is essentially a productized version of the open source PCEI Blueprint. Through a single pane of glass, AES currently supports environments composed of compute, storage, and network across edge to cloud. Once the infrastructure is composed, AES can be used to deploy a variety of network services and applications.

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