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PNF Management

Physical Network Function Management and Discovery

Physical Network Function or PNF management continues to be challenging as it involves a plethora of protocols. These PNFs can be 5G radio, OLT devices, or regular switches in a network. 5G will include physical network functions (PNF) as well such as the radio, CPE for fixed wireless access, or regular switch/router products required for building various transport networks. AMCOP is a lightweight open source solution that can manage these devices over YANG/NETCONF, RESTCONF, REST, and other API types.

Cloud Native approaches
can integrate legacy

Case Study Spotlight

A mobile network operator in Latin America, TIGO wanted automation of discovery and testing of end-to-end network services for customers using their multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) network. Aarna Networks assisted TIGO in developing a cloud-based solution utilizing key ONAP components and deployed it on a Kubernetes cluster. This helped Tigo successfully implement the discovery of various MPLS network relationships such as LLDP, MAC, ARP, and LSP.

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